How To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Hey Gorgeous You know those days when you feel like you've so much to do but it's just not happening? Two hours after sitting down to work, you're still scrolling through Facebook and watching cute cat videos, trying to summon the energy to make shit happen. I feel...
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Could Your “Money Personality” Be Sabotaging You?

Guest post from the incredible Denise Duffield-Thomas:   You know the feeling you get when you do “that thing” around money AGAIN? Spend wildly on a new extravagance even though bills are due… Hoard every penny even though you really want to splurge on a...
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How To Make 10k in 10 Days

This week we are going to talk about how to make 10k in 10 days. What do I mean? I mean making ten thousand beautiful British pounds (or euros or dollars) in just ten days! Yes it is perfectly possible for anyone whether you’re self-employed, unemployed, freelance, in...
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How To Manifest Your Dream Life In Just Five Days!

Hey Gorgeous!! So this weeks blog is something a little different, but if you take action on this, your whole life could change by NEXT WEEK! Whaaaattt....?! Yup! This is a woman you NEED to know. She's a mix of inspiration, practical wisdom and the most amazing...
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I promise I’m worthy…

My entrepreneurial journey, is both my spiritual journey, and my emotional and personal journey. Recent circumstances have forced me to take a birds eye view of my entrepreneurial pursuits and ask the question… what is my ‘Zone of Genius’. What am I here to do? What...
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Do You Have Genius? Or Does Your Genius Have You?

I stumbled across an interesting idea in Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, and wanted to ask if this is you...? The Romans and the Greeks both believed that exceptionally gifted people (creatives just like you) had genius, instead of being geniuses. There is a...
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Connecting To Your Higher Power in Business To Achieve All Your Goals

Being your own boss is a double edged sword. I’m sure fellow entrepreneurs will join me on this one. It’s awesome dictating and designing your own life, but at at same time you wish you had a boss responsible for making all the tough decisions and telling you what to...
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The 10 Day Love Challenge

Welcome to February! In light of all the horrific things happening around the world at the moment, I felt compelled to spread a little more love and light across the planet with my ten day love challenge!! Starting on Sunday 5th February, I will be setting a daily...
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Would You Say Hell Yes To These Five Questions?!

It's Fri-yay! (which means blogging day by the way) This week I loved... Decluttering! If you haven't brought this art form and spiritual healing in to your life yet, it's one I highly recommend. Rummaging around in the back of your cupboard to clear out old junk...
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Money Mastermind Replays

Money Mastermind Free November 2016 Webinar How To Increase Your Prices Without Consequence Free December 2016 Live...
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My Story

Yorkshire born and bred, but a self-confessed city girl, London city to be precise, I’ve had several careers, and own several businesses, all which keep coming back around to the same three things… Music, Life & Business. And so, as I add knowledge and understanding to my experiences of this thing we call ‘life’, I thought perhaps it might be nice to share my ideas, wisdom and mistakes (!) with others who might be on a similar journey.

To give a bit of background, I graduated with a music degree at 21 having already formed my first company, a music agency, which then proliferated into five businesses, all within the music and marketing industries, hence the ‘Music, Life, Business’ blog. I’m a singer/songwriter by profession, and by passion, but my inner geek can’t seem to stay away from web design, graphic design, marketing tactics and financial strategy which apparently makes me a pretty successful business woman. Vocal coaching was my first career path and that love of helping others naturally led me towards business mentoring. So that’s me! Loving Music, Life & Business. Harriette



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