This morning from the paradise island of Tobago, I received a bit of unexpected and extremely comforting advice…

“Just Take One Thing At A Time”

Opening my ‘All Inboxes’ folder on my iPhone some mornings can feel like I’ve been kicked out of an aeroplane without a parachute. The onslaught of demands, problems and battles can be overwhelming at best, if not completely demoralising and terrifying.

Being in business requires us to be experts in fields we’ve never even heard of, let alone studied and mastered!

So when the fear kicks in and hiding under the duvet feels like the most sensible option, just take one thing at a time.

I tried it this morning and at 9.55am local time I’m actually quite zen having already handled the most pressing issues and taking steps to fix the rest before I hit the beach.

Sometimes in life the simplest solutions are the best, which reminds me of another bit of advice I gave some one else recently…

“Don’t react, think first” … it can save a lot of stress and unnecessary aggravation. In today’s world I think we can all be a bit too quick to flare up and jump on to email, hitting the keys like we’re firing shots at the enemy… I know I’m guilty of this.

Zen is always better. One problem at a time. And think before you respond. Your first reaction is not necessarily the right one.

And on that note… I’m going for a swim 😉

With love

Harriette x


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