In all its various masks… Marketing, Advertising, HR, PR, Finance, Accounts, Design, Websites, Social Media, Customer Acquisition, Automation, Emails, Sales,  Cold Calling, Warm & Hot Leads, Upselling, Communication, Teaching,  Coaching, Events, Project Management, Delegation… The list goes on and on and on and on… and I’d say I’m somewhat of an expert by now.

Five successful businesses in eight years and I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. So much in fact that I now mentor for SME’s but my particular passion is mentoring musicians to become entrepreneurial spirits!

Going in to business, and growing in business, can be daunting, terrifying even. For me the hardest part was learning to delegate. Automation has also since become my best friend.

The business blog posts will cover all of the above and I’ll update them as new techniques, tactics and tools come to the market. The business worlds move at such a fast pace the only way to keep up is to get ahead and that’s exactly what I hope to help you guys achieve!

If you’re interested in my private business mentoring sessions please drop me in an email to discuss if we’re a good match. I have experience in a lot of industries but I wouldn’t want to mis-sell my services and expertise to you.

Mentoring sessions can take place in London if you’re local, or over the phone,  or via skype.

Musicians who are London-based, or within travelling distance to London, I have special heavily discounted membership packages from just £27 per month which give you access to my ‘Money Mastermind‘ coaching calls as well as all the unseen content that I don’t post here for everyone to see.

Good luck in all your ventures, I’d love to know what you’re up to and which of my tactics you’re applying so please get in touch to let me know!

Harriette x

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