Oh the eternal question… haha no I do NOT intend to answer that here!

But what I will share on the life blog posts are tips and tricks akin to the Law Of Attraction belief systems and the teaching of Abraham Hicks.  No this is not just another ‘visualise it and it will happen‘ blog,  because trust me,  I’ve read dozens of those,  and visualising alone DOES NOT work.

Now at this point you’ll either leave because in your mind I’m already an LOA kill-joy,  or,  you’ll stick around because I’m a breath of fresh air who won’t promise to make all your dreams come true,  and subsequently,  leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

I am by no means a ‘guru‘ but what I am really good at,  is helping people.

Quite often all we need is someone with an outside perspective,  or an alternative point of view,  to help everything fall in to place.  I certainly know I fall into that category,  especially in business (see the other page) and I have my various mentors in all aspects of my life.  I think they’re essential to helping us navigate our own unique journeys.  I am what you’d call a people’s person 🙂

I wish there was a ‘one size fixes all‘ type answer but there’s not,  or at least I haven’t found it yet.  Hopefully some of what I write will resonate with you,  or at least spark the imagination to help you move forward,  because let me tell you,  there’s no point trying to move backwards…

The sun will always rise and fall in divine continuum,  and whilst it does,  I commit to exploring and appreciating the life blood it instils in us.  In sharing some of my experiences and knowledge with you,  perhaps together we can answer the eternal question!  That said… if anyone beats me to it,  please share with me! 😛

Harriette x

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