To imagine a world without music is to imagine a world without colour.  The latter appears to be far easier.  Try it.

For me,  music has been my whole life,  a life that has led me into a world of industry and economy,  where music is an asset,  a currency,  a bartering tool and a means for ill-bred competition.  I’m referring to the music industry.  I prefer to call it the media industry,  it somehow affords me more sanity.  It’s a crazy world.  As I’m sure are plenty of other industries,  but music is the one I’ve committed to and the one that really pulls on my heart-strings and gets my blood boiling at the same time.  The untamable beast,  the undefeated mountain,  the cruel mistress…  it’s impossible to ignore her.  (And yes she’s a she,  how else do you explain the unforgiving,  irrational and illogical nature of this industry?).

The Music Industry,  however,  like most women,  can be softened,  seduced,  persuaded…  overcome.

My few short decades in this industry have taught me a lot,  and enough that I’d like to share it with others who are battling on the music industry turf.  The ‘music’ aspect of the blog is devoted to helping fellow musicians and artists navigate their way to success.  A map if you like,  or a tool guide,  to equip you with skills,  knowledge,  contacts,  and weapons  (the best one being your music)  to take on your ultimate conquest…  your career.  Assuming that’s what you want,  otherwise I’m not sure how else you ended up here?

I’m not a wordsmith I must confess,  unless you’re asking me to write song lyrics,  but I think a rhyming blog might drive even me mad let alone anyone else!!  I can be quite blunt,  and to the point,  and very opinionated,  rightly or wrongly,  but I’ll insert my disclaimer here… my only intention is to share in order to serve.

I hope you find the content of the music section useful,  particularly the signposts to external help  (I can’t always guarantee it will be free),  and if the music isn’t what you’re pursuing,  then check the life and business sections too,  you never know what you might find 🙂

Enjoy the trip!

Harriette x

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